What Holiday Era Fits You? Posted on By Kim Fuller
1. Taylor Swift - Our Merry Swiftmas collection keeps growing and we can't restock the products fast enough! Our Merry Swiftmas collection has apparel, ornaments, notebooks, calendars, coasters, drinkware, & Meredith Jaye exclusive merchandise. 2. Fearless - Afraid of all the people you have to shop for or worse, getting a gift you don’t like?  You can be fearless this season by taking advantage of our Holiday Wishlists.  Whether you are making a list for yourself or shopping from a list that was given to you, our wish lists will guarantee a very Happy Holiday! Ask a stylist how to start one... Read More
Fall - Winter 2023 Fashion Trends Posted on By Kim Fuller
Fall/Winter Trends 2023 “BUSINESS AS USUAL” Let’s get down to business.  It’s (FINALLY) difficult to feel the post pandemic effect on this year’s Fall/Winter collections.  With a heavy focus on what feels like formulaic Ready To Wear outfits and less of an “Anything Goes” mentality the fashion industry is getting Back To Business.  Runways and the racks of MJ feature a healthy assortment of wearable, simple, elevated fashion.  At Meredith Jaye we know that women use fashion to reflect their mood so while we embrace this Macro trend there are many more micro trends that will have you expressing yourself... Read More
Posted on By Kim Fuller
What To Wear This Spring & Summer Everything, Everywhere, All At Once is how I describe Spring/Summer 2023’s fashion trends. Get comfy with your sense of style as this year’s fashion pushes us towards self expression and individuality.  Some stand out trends are: jewel tones, metallics, sheer fabrics, crochet fabrics, cobalt blue, magenta, metallic, denim on denim, utilitarian cargo pants, clean sleek lines, playful prints, sets, flowers, hearts and TIGERS, just to name a few.   With all these incoming trends there is definitely fashion for everyone but it’s hard to know where to start. From delicate, ultra feminine pieces... Read More
Styling Your Summer Posted on By Kim Fuller
Styling Your Summer With warmer weather finally making its way to us, it’s time to make sure to adjust the temperature in our closets. All of us should have timeless essentials like denim shorts, basic tanks, easy throw on dresses and sandals that we can go to year after year. Now is the time to add in the hottest summer trends to keep your wardrobe current and fun. All trends aren’t for every BODY. You can pick and choose which ones speak to your body type and your personal style. Therein lies the beauty of fashion- it’s personal. At Meredith... Read More
Meredith Jaye's Guide to Fall 2022 Trends Posted on By Kim Fuller
 “Shop Til You Drop” is an expression that we’ve used millions of times to describe a day packed with hours of shopping. Days spent wandering in and out of stores, maybe stopping for a coffee or a quick bite to eat along the way, left us slightly fatigued as we loaded our bags into the car. It wasn’t until attending buying trips for Meredith Jaye with owner, Kim Fuller, that I learned the true meaning of this phrase. Power shopping for 9 hours a day, 3 days in a row, picking the best of the best for our stores seems... Read More